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Harmony Joints

Harmony Joints - for flexible yoga like movements !
Harmony Joints

For flexible yoga like movements !
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Harmony Joints
Harmony Joints Soup

(serves 4)

Harmony Joints is packed with fibre, turmeric, chilli and a whole host of nutrients that help lower inflammation.
Enjoy it as a traditional dahl or have it as a soup.
Try adding freshly chopped coriander, tomato and lemon, or for a real flavour, add preserved lemons.


V,VG,GF - lentils - beans - dried fruit - chilli - nigella - garlic
(May contain traces of sesame, soy, sulphite, gluten and tree nuts)


A selection of culinary herbs and spices - dried,
from the delicate to the pungent,
aromatic to hot,
carefully selected to make this dish just right!


for best results we recommend
Slow Cooker , Pot or Camp Oven

Mix contents of the jar with 1.5 Litres of Water
stir and simmer until tender.
If desired, you may wish to add meat,
poultry or a plant based protein.