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Bahukara's Pesh Korma is based on the Moghul curry suited to red meats, however is equally satisfying with mushrooms, lentils or peas. 
Dress with fresh coriander and cashew nuts for a trip to the Sub-Continent. Peshi Korma

Creamy Beef Curry

Our Price: $10.00
This is a Parsee style dish with jaggery, apricots and vinegar for a wonderful balance of sweet and sour. This is ideal with white meats or tofu, paneer or chickpeas. This is a meal the whole family will race home to enjoy with rice, polenta or even mash Sali Murghi

Chicken and Apricot Curry

Our Price: $10.00
A very rich dish, this is suited to lamb, goat or other protein of your choice. Bhera Mansha Rezala

Creamy Lamb Curry

Our Price: $10.00
A mix ideal for the fast midweek curry. Ideal with firm fish or other delicate proteins, it requires almost no preparation time. It is fresh, fragrant and reflective of Southern Indian cooking. Serve with ride and Indian breads. Meen Kalambu

Fast Fish Curry

Our Price: $10.00
Native to Australian soils, this curry will have you wondering why you didn't explore these amazing ingredients before now. Natal Native

Bringing the Australian Outback to your Table

Our Price: $13.00
Harmony Joints - for flexible yoga like movements ! Harmony Joints

For flexible yoga like movements !

Our Price: $15.00
Happy Campers Mix - This spicy mix will put a smile on your face and heat in the belly. With anti inflammatory properties and feel good nutrients, you can't beat it as a campfire meal.
It can be eaten hot as a whole meal or served cold as a salad Happy Campers Mix

A spicy combo for frazzled campers !

Our Price: $15.00
A robust mix of beans, rices and spices with cacao, cranberries, orange zest and other heart supportive ingredients.
It sounds good but tastes even better.
One of our most popular lines, it also can be served cold as a salad the next day. Heart Hot Pot

A hot pot to warm your heart and mind !

Our Price: $15.00
A smooth vitamin enriched pea soup with the subtle mix of Lebanese spices. Out customers say even kids who would never eat greens devour this one!
Great with smoked meat or fish No Flu Soup

A hearty soup designed to beat the bugs !

Our Price: $15.00
Fatigue Fighter Soup 
(serves 4)
If you are in need of a pick me up - then this is the soup for you. 
Full of soft spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, the goodness of apple and a hint of chilli.
This is just what you need at the end of a long day. Fatigue Fighter Soup

A pick me up for the soul !

Our Price: $15.00